Justin Bieber Got In a Fistfight Last Night, And He Definitely Didn’t Win

Justin Bieber got into a fistfight last night, and it definitely could have gone better for him.

Although TBH, what can you expect when you get into a fight with some random guy off the street who’s not only taller than you but bigger than you too?

The fight, which took place shortly after 11 outside the hotel in Cleveland, Ohio, where the Biebs was staying, began as some random guy off the street threw a light punch at the side of Justin’s head, which prompted Justin to immediately clock him in the face.

Things kind of unfolded from there.

Obviously Bieber had a security detail around him who stepped in to make sure things didn’t end too badly for the Biebs, but still, seeing as how the clip ends with the rando wrestling Bieber to the ground, things could have worked out better.

It’s unclear what started the fight, although it’s possible that it could have had something to do with the Cleveland Cavaliers shirt that Justin was wearing.

Just in case you didn’t spend last night in a sports bar, yesterday was Game 3 of the NBA finals, and the Cleveland Cavaliers ended up beating the Golden State Warriors, so maybe this random guy was just a big Stephen Curry fan.

Watch the video below and laugh as the guy who films it says, “Oh shit, I’m getting on TMZ.”

At least one person scored a win off this whole thing.


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