A Guide To The New Justin Bieber Emojis, And How To Use Them

Ever since Justin Bieber first teased his debut line of emojis on Wednesday, we knew it was an app we’d have to download immediately.

Sure, his emojis may not be sexy like Kim’s, hip like Amber’s, as confusing as Chyna’s, or laced with pot leafs like Tommy Chong’s, but can you think of a single situation in your life that wouldn’t be made better by a little smiling/pouty/sultry Bieber gazing up at you from your phone?

Here’s our guide to a handful of our favorite Justin Bieber emojis, along with some real life situations you might use them in.

1. Moody Sick Boy Justin


“Sorry, I’m too sick to go to your [insert bullshit event you never had any intention of going to in the first place here]. Hope you have fun though!”

2. Resplendent Underwear Model Justin


“Dylan sent me a dick pic last night, and I am not mad about it.”
“Do you think Justin Bieber just spends hours looking at his own dick in the morning, or do you think he’s bored with it by now? Do boys ever get bored of their own dicks? LOL. Deep questions, right?”
“I finally fucked that guy from the bar last night, and holy shit was his dick amazing.”

3. I’m Pretty Sure It’s Your Birthday, But IDK How Old You Are Justin


“Hey… it was your birthday yesterday, right?”
“But like, can we ever really know how old Margot Robbie is?”

4. I Don’t Care What Celine Dion Says, My Heart Will Not Go On Justin


“JK, he turned out to another fuck boy.”
“You watched Empire without me?”
“OMG [insert relevant celebrity couple here] just broke up! I swear, love is like, so dead.”

5. Egg Head Justin


“Tried to egg my neighbor’s house tonight, but I missed.”
“Thought I’d make my own hair mask at home. Not impressed.”
“Sooooo I did something really dumb last night.”

6. Cry Me A River Justin


“Why hasn’t he texted me yet?”
“They were out of the granola bars I like at the grocery store.”
“Just found out the hot guy at the coffee shop has a girlfriend. Why does this always happen to me?”

7. Calmly Licking A Knife Justin


“Let’s get weird tonight.”
“Pretty sure that guy I went on a date with last night is a total serial killer.”

8. No Hair, Hat-Wearing Justin


“OMG, can you believe I just bought this ugly hat?”

9. Just Took A Selfie Justin


“LOL, woke up like this.”
“Thought I looked hot when I left the house this morning, and then I passed by a mirror and realized I look like a before picture.”
“Just watched this girl take a selfie with her yogurt for 15 minutes. Hope she gets at least 11 likes on it.”

All these Justmojis AND MORE can be yours for the low price of $2.99.

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