JoJo Is Back: Here’s Her “Mad Love” Tour Diary

Chances are you may have been quite familiar with pop star JoJo in your younger teenage years.

With her heartbreaker songs “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little Too Late,” the then-13-year-old was the youngest solo artist ever to have a number-one single on the U.S. Billboard charts.

Now, after her 10-year album hiatus, JoJo makes a comeback releasing her third newest album MAD LOVE and is touring across the country this year. Now 26, the pop singer took us back stage with a look at her daily tour life as well as her commentary behind the scenes.

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Check out some of JoJo’s MAD LOVE TOUR life in pictures below:  

“Always shocked and so appreciative that after so many years of uncertainty… you rock with me like this.”

“SQUAD. I got their back and they got mine.”

“I was clearly feeling some typa way.”


“I used to think it was so cool when bands and artists had their own stickers to paste on bathrooms, on ceilings, etc. Now I have one of my very own for the Mad Love Tour. Can you find it on the fridge?”

“Cant lie, blackberries are the shit. Also, I didn’t wash these ones before eating them. WHAT OF IT?”

“Obsessed with this sparkly jacket and Oribé texturizing spray.”


“Katie, who’s a part of my management team, has been a big sister to me since I was 13. She’s my road warrior and keeps everything running smoothly for us all. Love her to death! You can pretty much always find us  together scouring the city for coffee, trying to outdo each other on treadmills at the gym, and brainstorming ideas over vegan cookies. PS- I do my makeup on the road and I’m kinda super feeling my eyeshadow in this pic thoooo…”

“My fans are so damn cute and creative. Love this jacket he made using my album artwork!”

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“Probably talking shit to someone…”

“I got hot onstage. I took it off. Oops.”

“to kick his ass, or kiss his forehead…”

“I may sing a lot of emo songs but I swear I’m a happy girl.”

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“My Doc’s and my Dino socks…”

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