Jennifer Lopez Went To Subway Cuz Being Afraid Of Bread Is So 2012

Yesterday, after Jennifer Lopez wrapped up a long day of looking fabulous in pantsuits for her NBC TV show, “Shades of Blue,” she was hungry. Like, so hungry that a kale salad with a shallot vinaigrette and a handful of artisanal cucumbers just would not cut it.

So she did what any rational person would do.

She went and got a fricking sandwich from Subway because being afraid of bread is so 2012.

Even though a couple of slices of bread never killed anybody, this sandwich was definitely not a part of her diet, which her personal trainer has described as “all organic” and “very well thought out [EXTRA LOL], with the balance of very high quality proteins and a lot of nutrient-dense food,” adding that “everything is fresh. There’s nothing processed.”

Guess she was taking Subway’s joke of a motto, “Eat Fresh,” too seriously.

Still, as Jennifer Lopez’s trainer points out, “She is a very balanced person, so she’s not going to miss out on Thanksgiving or a holiday with her children.”

Or you know, a casual street sandwich when you’re so hungry that you think you’re gonna faint if you don’t get some food into you right there and then.

Not that we’re judging.

We’ve all been there, J. Lo.

And the next time we are there, we’ll think back to you, the patron saint of emergency street sandwiches, and give thanks for your dedication to the cause.

[H/T The Daily Mail]

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