Jen Awad Wrestles with the “Modern World” the best way she knows how

Have you ever partied ‘just right’? The right amount of partying, in my opinion, is when the sun has fully gone up and you’re still full of energy and keep enjoying yourself even after leaving the party itself, doing a full run from the club to the streets and maybe pondering where to get a hearty breakfast with your friends. It’s as if the night hadn’t ended.  I don’t think any type of partying feels as good as that, because the fun didn’t fizzle out and you’re not going to be dealing with any hangover or regrets, you’re just ever-present and glad to be alive.

Watch the video here!

That’s the kind of Partying that Jen Awad graced us with in the new music video for her single “Modern World.” The visuals were directed by Jordan Thomas and they were highly inspired by Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It ” and  Prince’s Purple Rain in a more modern twist that reflects the song’s message and name. 

‘My friend Leora Malka and I co-wrote this baby. We were inspired by a very strange party I had attended. I had a spark with some guy in a pearl jam shirt (hence the lyric).  We instantly clicked but I could see that my bestie was laying it on thick with him and didn’t know how to navigate. I’ve always been quite shy about telling someone I’m into them and tend to give my friends first dibs. It’s lame and weird but I’m sure I’m not alone. ‘

Jen’s vocals are always on point, and, for as smooth and groovy as this track is, she remains an imposing singer even while actively being slick and understated. The Egypto-Peruvian songstress has a truckload of soul behind every syllable, to the point where you can’t help but feel like you’ve been transported to a previous era, because very few people today seem have that “X factor” in their voice anymore, and this is also enhanced by the retro inspiration that Jen accidentally discovered while the song was still in the works.

‘Modern World’ is part of Jens’ long-awaited debut album, which promises to be a 70s/80s inspired rock and soul masterpiece titled “Existential Daydream”,that we expect to have with us sometime later this summer.Follow Jen on Instagram, TikTok, and Spotify

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