Jashlem Gives Denim a New Meaning in His Latest Shoot with Pieter Henket

Written and edited by SHIRLEY REYNOZO

JeanCarlo León, otherwise known as Jashlem, is a Colombian social media influencer who has become one of the most popular and most-followed influencers on TikTok, not only in Colombia but in the world. Jashlem has synergy across all platforms. Starting off as a TikTok star, @jashlem has amassed 1.3B likes and 26.3M followers. He is mostly known for his charming looks, his playful personality, his style and his consistency across all platforms to create videos.

His influence also extends to YouTube where he has 5.17 million subscribers. His channel brings us more into his personal life. Of the many videos created by Jashlem, most are filled with fun challenges, and gaming. He even has a lot of “vibey” videos that show his travels; we can see he’s a huge fan of sunsets. Jashlem’s videos allow us to see how creative, introspective and quirky he is. It may be because his sun sign is Virgo that we are able to see how kind, gentle, and supportive he is. Let us not forget that Jashlem is also a model, with an eye-catching Instagram (@jashlem) filled with pictures and videos. 

Here at Galore we are excited to share a photo series of Jashlem, photographed by Pieter Henket! The creative duo really work well together. Pieter’s lighting, angles and color grading show us a bolder side of Jashlem; a retro, edgy and introspective side. Whether in color or in black and white, Pieter also captures sultry moments that highlight the playful, Virgo energy of Jashlem. Ultimately Jashlem stepped into the frame to warm eyes and break hearts, we caution you before you scroll and become as obsessed with Pieter’s pictures of Jashlem as we are!

Graphic Artist  KEVIN JACKSON @burban.pics


Writer & Editor: SHIRLEY REYNOZO @moyamusic_

Graphic Artist: Sebastián Chicchón @jager.noon

Photographer: Pieter Henket @pieterhenket

Stylist: Patricio Campillo @patricio_campillo

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