Jade Thirlwall’s Dream Dollhouse

Jade Thirwall is here to slay!! One fourth of one of our favorite girl groups Little Mix. Jade is tackling body positivity and self love head on – in our Unapologetic issue. We caught up with Miss Jade while on tour for LM5, which has the girls pretty much on the road to December, so lots of sisterhood bonding moments and Spice World type antics. See the full interview and shoot below.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT BEING IN ONE OF THE MOST ICONIC GIRL GROUPS OF THIS GENERATION? I love that we got us to where we are now. I am honestly our biggest fan. Being told that our music has helped people and made them feel good about themselves. Even being drunk on a night out and seeing people do our routines when our song comes on. I want us to be remembered and have our songs sung on karaoke in 50 years time.

WHO ARE YOUR SHEROES? Diana Ross. My girls. My Mam.

WHAT DOES SISTERHOOD MEAN TO YOU ? loyalty, celebrating other women’s success instead of hating or being jealous, holding back your mates hair when they’re drunk and sick, fighting for other women as well as yourself. 

WHAT SPICE GIRL DID U LOVE GROWING UP, AND DID ANY OF THEIR MUSIC INFLUENCE U TO GET INTO MUSIC? I always loved Baby Spice because I was only little but I was always Scary when I’d play as I looked most like her. I had the full Spice Girls bedroom with Spice Girl wallpaper with fake signatures on so I could show off to my mates. They were the first band not have a definite lead singer, and that inspired us to do the same.

YOU HAVE BEEN VERY OPEN WITH YOUR STRUGGLES IN ANOREXIA AND BODY IMAGE . WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE YOUR 16 YEAR OLD SELF  ⁃ I would tell her to find other ways of dealing with how shit she felt. Talk to more people about how you’re feeling. Stop bloody worrying so much about what other people think of you and that it all gets better.

TELL US ABOUT THE LATEST SINGLE ITS SUCH A SUMMER ANTHEM BOUNCE BACK? As soon as we heard the sample we knew it was a banger. You can’t go wrong with a nostalgic vibe for the summer. We wanted to do a doll esque video for such a long time,  so we loved finally getting to do it for Bounce Back.

WHAT IS YOUR DAILY BEAUTY REGIMENT? I always cleanse properly no matter what. Even when I’m steaming drunk after a night out the face comes off! I always moisturise and ALWAYS put sun cream on my face even in the winter. I usually treat myself to a face mask a week and a hydrofacial once a month.

LIPSTICK OR LIPGLOSS? lipstick. Lipgloss with the amount of hairography we do is a nightmare hun.

WHAT ITEM DO YOU NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT? a crystal for good energy.

WHAT MAKES YOU THE HAPPIEST? Making sure I’m happy. Seeing my family. Being onstage. RuPaul’s Drag Race.

LIKE MANY GIRL GROUPS FROM SPICE GIRLS TO DESTINY CHILD THEY’VE DECIDED TO GO SOLO AT SOME POINT, LITTLE MIX HAS BEEN STRONG AND HAS OUTLASTED THEM ALL . IF YOU WERE TO GO SOLO WHAT WOULD YOUR RECORD SOUND LIKE ?  I would be more than happy to be a hybrid of Kylie/Diana Ross/MIA/Tinashe. But that is definitely not happening any time soon! I love being in a group and I’d find it really fucking weird and lonely on my own.

ONE WORD OF ADVICE FOR ALL THE FANS? what you see on social media is not a reality. The majority of the time it’s just a highlight real of the best bits. So don’t compare yourself and put yourself down. And brace yourselves for more music.

WHAT IS NEXT FOR JADE IN 2020 ? I’m looking forward to showing the world more of the things that I’m passionate about. Me and the girls have got some really exciting projects coming up! Maybe I’ll find a man by then but either way I’m not arsed.

Photography –  Magnus Hastings

Hair – Aaron Carlo 
Make up – Michael Anthony

Styling – Willam

Shot on location at Ragdoll Pink Palace

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