If you love Japanese culture and music, we’re excited to introduce you to girl group ATARASHII GAKKO! As the ladies prepare to hit the Coachella stage today, we got the chance to sit down with this dynamic group and learn more about their musical style, standout fashion and what they have planned for the rest of this year! If you want to learn all about them, keep reading below!  


Your group name “ATARASHII GAKKO!” means new school in Japanese. Tell us about how this name comes about and how it defines your group members.   

We chose the name “ATARASHII GAKKO!” because it perfectly represents our vibe. We’re all about being ahead of the curve and setting new trends. Our philosophy revolves around celebrating individuality and breaking free from the norm. We believe in living life with more freedom and joy while still respecting the rules without letting them hold us back too much.  

Tell us about your experience meeting Megan Thee Stallion recently!   

Meeting Megan Thee Stallion was an absolute blast! We were beyond excited to meet her, and it was unforgettable. We had the chance to show her the Tokyo Calling video, and she was incredibly supportive and enthusiastic about it.  

What was even more amazing was her willingness to join in and do the dance with us! Her energy is infectious, and it was truly a pleasure to spend time with her. Overall, it was an incredible encounter, and we had a fantastic time together. 

Your group stands out with your sailor-fuku uniforms that were worn by Japanese students back in the 70s and 80s with long skirts and pulled-up socks. Talk to us about why you all chose to wear these uniforms and the importance behind not being objectified.  

Initially, since we were actual students, wearing school uniforms felt very natural. As we started performing on the world stage, this sailor uniform became more associated with being “Japanese,” which we embrace. By wearing these uniforms, we aim to genuinely reflect the spirit and essence of this culture. 

In a world where the objectification of individuals, especially women, is all common, we choose to present ourselves on our own terms. These uniforms act as if uniforms are intended, providing us with an equal footing, free from biases based on appearance, allowing us to be recognized for our talents, creativity, and the messages in our music. They help us assert our identity and celebrate our culture, challenging the notion that our appearance should define our worth. 

You all choreograph your own dance moves which is an infusion of Japanese butoh dance, heavy metal headbanging, and hip-hop street dancing. Individually, which style of dancing do you each prefer? Which style of dancing was initially more challenging to each of you?   

Each of our four members has a different dance background. Through our activities together and exposure to various music and dance styles, we’ve developed our unique style. Our favorite dance style is our original one that includes scenes like play-fighting. There are still many challenging styles we want to explore! 

It’s impossible to put your group in a box as a typical J-Pop group because your music brings together elements of modern J-Pop, Showa-era kayokyoku, rap, punk, and dance music. Talk to us about some of your favorite songs in your catalog to date and the type of music you’d love to explore in the future.   

It’s tough to choose a favorite since each song reflects our emotions at the time. But if I had to pick, the new song we’re planning to debut at Coachella is packed with our latest feelings, so I hope everyone pays attention to it! 

As you prepare to hit the Coachella stage this weekend, what are you most looking forward to?   

As we gear up for our debut performance at Coachella this weekend, the anticipation is sky-high! We’re filled with a mix of excitement as we prepare to take the stage. What we’re most looking forward to is the opportunity to connect with our fans in a whole new way and share our music with them live.  

The energy exchange between us and the audience is something we’re eager to experience firsthand. Additionally, being surrounded by so many incredible musicians and soaking up the festival atmosphere is something we’re truly looking forward to. It’s going to be an unforgettable weekend, and we can’t wait to be a part of it all! 

When you aren’t working, what do you all do for fun?   

We enjoy taking walks, watching movies, reading manga, and getting a good night’s sleep. We like to spend leisurely time relaxing. 

How would each of you spend a typical self-care day?   

Taking long baths, enjoying delicious food, and living each day with care are our main forms of self-care! 

What’s next for ATARASHII GAKKO! Anything you can share exclusively with Galore readers?   

We’re super excited about what’s on the horizon! Right now, we’re diving headfirst into our next album, and it’s coming soon! We’ve just recently announced our upcoming world tour PT. 1, with dates locked in across Asia and Europe. Stay tuned because there’s plenty more to come, and we can’t wait to share it all with you! 🌟 


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