J Law’s Sad Party Proves Celebs Suffer Summer Birthday Syndrome Too

August is a hard month to be born in.

It’s hot, it’s humid, and there’s a solid chance that some/most of your friends will be too busy going on vacation to come to your birthday party.

While this classic summer birthday dilemma diminishes in frequency as we get older and society forces us to get real jobs and pay for our vacations ourselves instead of just jumping into the car with our parents and yelling “YOLO” into the wind, the problem never really goes away.

Just ask Jennifer Lawrence.

Last Monday, J Law turned 26 in Vancouver, where she’s currently filming a Darren Aronofsky movie with Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.

From the looks of things, these two people, and one unidentified, moderately built white man were the only people who came to her birthday party.


Of course, there may have been more people there who didn’t happen to be on the roof at that moment and for all we know Just Jared got it wrong and this wasn’t her birthday party at all, but here’s what we do know: none of J Law’s famous female friends were there.

Adele wasn’t there, Amy Schumer didn’t come through, and not even Emma Stone could be counted on.


Because they were all too busing working/being sick/going on vacation with their boyfriends.

It may have taken J Law 26 years, but I’ve finally found something about her that’s relatable.

[H/T Just Jared]

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