J Law’s First Role Was Playing a Prostitute In a Bible Show

While most famous actors first realized they had talent playing an orphan in a community theatre production of “Annie” or being the lead tree in a school play, Jennifer Lawrence realized she was destined for stardom when she played a prostitute in a church play.

In her latest cover story with Vanity Fair, Jennifer opened up about her humble beginnings.

Even though she was only nine years old, J Law was apparently so convincing at “swinging her booty and strutting her stuff” that her mother claims that family friends told them, “We don’t know if we should congratulate you or not, because your kid’s a great prostitute.”


The words every mother longs to hear about her pre-pubescent daughter.

At least if the whole acting thing magically goes up in flames for Jennifer, she still has an alternate career to fall back on.

[H/T Vanity Fair]

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