People Are Pissed Ivanka Trump Said Being a Mom is the Most Important Job

Forgetting her last name for a second, there are certain things it’s reasonable to expect that Ivanka Trump understands about being a woman.

Chiefly, that being a mother is not the end all be all.

Sadly, Ivanka Trump does not believe that. She believes the opposite.

In a short video about her father’s plan for paid maternity leave, the first words out of Ivanka’s mouth are, “the most important job any woman can have is being a mother.”

While this certainly isn’t a radical perspective, it also implies that if you, as a woman, choose not to become a mother, that you’re not fulfilling your destiny or living up to your full value, which is bullshit.

This is 2016. Being a mother is a choice, it’s not a mandate.

Whether people decide not to have children because they can’t have children, don’t have the money, would rather focus on their career, or just think children are awful parasitic monsters who demand everything from you only to grow up and blame all their problems on the fact that you loved them too much/not enough, that doesn’t make their priorities any less important.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with becoming a mother and loving it, it’s not the most important job a woman can have.

It’s just one job a woman can have.

Ivanka, you’re better than this.

Get woke bb girl and stop being the well-groomed parrot that sits on your daddy’s shoulder all the time.

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