Ivanka Trump Just Posted the Most Controversial Vacay Pic of All Time

The worst thing you can say about other people’s vacation pictures on Instagram is that they’re braggy and annoying. But Ivanka Trump just took the WTF-vacation-photo game up like 900 notches with a photo of herself hanging out with Wendi Deng in Eastern Europe.

Now, at first glance, this photo just looks like two rich ladies in meticulously selected “casual outfits” sightseeing in Croatia. But when you consider who these two women are, shit gets truly twisted.

First we have Ivanka, who, as we all know, is not only Donald Trump’s daughter but also one of his most trusted advisors in his campaign for President. The über-classy affordable clothing tycoon was once regarded as one of New York society’s most promising young doyennes, but now everyone’s confused by her continued efforts not only to associate with her deranged father, but to lie on his behalf in an attempt to get him elected president.

Next we have Wendi Deng Murdoch, a woman who, while seeming nice enough on her own, has made a habit of dating exclusively the most evil men in existence. She was once married to evil media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, as her name suggests, and she is now rumored to be dating Vladimir Putin, probably because Donald Trump is not actually rich and already taken.

The fact that these two are chilling out together on vacation is pretty terrifying. This is not your typical girls’ trip, unless your typical girls’ trip involves forming the 2017 version of the Axis Powers over rosé and goat cheese.

Sight seeing with @wendimurdoch in Dubrovnik

A photo posted by Ivanka Trump (@ivankatrump) on

Ivanka has explained her friendship with Deng to Vogue in the past — and did you know the Wendster actually set Ivanka and Jared up, so the success of Donald’s campaign thanks to Jared’s shrewd influence could partially be her fault?

“Everything she has is available to her friends, which, believe me, is not common,” Ivanka said, presumably referring to a Rolodex full of incredibly rich men who just want to watch the world burn. “There’s nothing that doesn’t interest her, and she can hit five topics in a 35-second conversation. It’s really a whirlwind with Wendi. I can’t recall the last time I had a conversation with her that didn’t conclude with her connecting me to four people who might become great friends or great business opportunities.”

Wendi Deng is truly the Bellatrix Lestrange of evil society matrons, and now it looks like she might be a bridge between the Trumps and Vladimir Putin.

As an Instagram user named Margo wrote under the photo: “How fun!!!!!1!”

(H/T Gawker)

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