It’s Okay, Margot Robbie Accidentally Hits On Younger Guys Too

Have you ever spent the night at a bar or a party, casually pressing your body up against a hot guy only to find out that he’s much, much, much younger than you? Like high school young?

I have, and so has Margot Robbie.

During an interview with Elle about her new commercial for a Calvin Klein fragrance called Deep Euphoria, Margot reveals that she was forced to share the set with a variety of hot, shirtless male models/skater bros, which was fine until she tried to make something happen and realized she was barking up an underage tree.

“I was very happy with [Calvin Klein’s] choice. I was chatting with them at one point, and I could tell I was starting to flirt with them. I said to one of the guys, ‘What are you doing after this?’ and he says, ‘Well, I’ve got to go back to school.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, cool! College?’ No. Not college. [High] school. I thought, ‘Oh. My. God. You’re 17 years old. I’m officially a cougar! I’m ‘The Older Woman.’ This has never happened to me before!‘”

Welcome to the club, Margot.

[H/T Elle]

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