It’s a Good Day to Fight the System with Shungudzo

Zimbabwean-American artist, activist and poet Shungudzo (Svikiro Records/ Young Forever/BMG) has released the official visualizer for her single “It’s a good day (to fight the system).” Directed and produced by G.Smith and Shungudzo, and edited by G.Smith, the new video shows the artist confidently walking the vibrant streets of LA while vintage shots of iconic protests in history flash on the screen. As in the song itself, the video’s playful nature belies the message of activism at Shun’s core.
Watch and share the new “It’s a good day (to fight the system)” visualizer HERE.

Photographed by: Yazz Alali


What motivated you to write “It’s a good day (to fight the system)”

I wrote “It’s a good day (to fight the system)” as a way to express that, although the fight for justice and equality we are in can feel heavy at times, what we are striving for — what people around the world are striving for — is joy. Furthermore, I want to remind people that there’s hope amidst the ongoing chaos and uncertainty we’re experiencing; that our faith in a better future is what will eventually get us there, and that even our frustration stems from optimism — from the certainty that things can, and the demand that they must, become better.

In what ways does your work aim to have a rupture from binary thinking?

There’s such a fine line between, “Everything’s ruined” and, “Everything’s gonna be okay,” and so much of how we feel depends on our perspective — whether we choose to focus on the good or the bad of any moment or situation. 

But sometimes even rose-colored glasses can’t paint the world awesome. Sometimes we need to sit and reason with our doubt, maybe with an episode of something meaningless playing on the TV. That’s why the line, “When one of us is tired out, the other one will hold it down,” is a reminder that it’s okay to rest. Even on the days when we can’t pull ourselves out of bed, someone else will be out there fighting the good fight for us. And on some of those days, I hope that the enthusiastic horns, breezy guitars, playful drums and cheeky lyrics in “Its a good day (to fight the system)” are just enough to get you going again. 

Why is it important to contest the system?

The joy of a life whose fullest potential can be reached without hitting systemic roadblocks. The joy I feel seeing people stand up to the systems that oppress them. The joy of the idea that future generations won’t have to fight the same fights we’re fighting — if we keep fighting. I try to remember this joy every time things get heavy again, and I hope this song brings joy to you.

What was the production process like?

I chose every sound and word specifically with the intention of cheering you and I up, so that our protests may sometimes feel like dances instead of battles.

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