Isadora’s “Let it Burn” is Advice for Your Dating Life

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “let the bridges I burn light the way” — and though we can’t recommend to live by that rule for most things in life, it actually works as advice for your love life.

Electropop trio ISADORA’s new single “Let It Burn” tackles this exact subject matter, except not in the way that you probably wish your breakup would go: where you take all your ex’s crap, put it outside, and light that shit on fire.

Instead of doing that, and getting arrested for possible arson, you should instead dance out that anger to the song which talks about “walking into the fire of pain, and letting it burn,” you know, in a metaphorical sense without actual flames in a “Lana Del Rey sadness meets Taylor Swift danceable beats” kinda way.

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Lead singer, songwriter and female badass Isadora Kaufman is no stranger to relationship’s crashing and burning, but she says of her worst breakups and inspiration for the song, “there was something liberating about experiencing and accepting what I feared most,” — literally, “letting it burn.”

Check the chill tune out here and then take a peek at the teaser trailer for the video, complete with sick visuals with the Wes Anderson vibes.


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Isadora Kaufman – vocals + composition + songwriting

Dotan Moshanov – Keyboards + Composition + production

Yaron Goren – drums + composition


Photo Credit: Merav Ben Loulou

Photo Editors: Shira Haran & Ayal Zakin

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