These Instagram models are way, way younger than you think they are

Some of your favorite Insta personalities may be eight or even ten years younger than you and you wouldn’t even know it. I’m not sure whether reading this list of deceptively young people is supposed to make you feel older or younger, but prepare to have your mind blown regardless.

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Suede Brooks, 17

Suede Brooks isn’t just an Insta model, she’s a model model. And between her thriving YouTube channel and her huge Instagram presence, she’s definitely one to watch out for. She’s picking up a lot of speed and is already signed with NEXT management. The gag? She’s only 17. That is, younger than Madison Beer, Maggie Lindemann, James Charles, etc. Wild.

Cindy Kimberly, 19

what’s ur fav beach in the world

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Cindy Kimberly, or “Wolfie Cindy” as her Instagram followers have come to know her, is a signed model whose face took the internet by storm when Justin Bieber posted a photo of her on his feed demanding to know who she was: and the rest is history. Now, she’s in a long-term relationship with also-model Neels Visser. I doubt you’d guess Cindy is only 19, the same age as Shawn Mendes and younger than Becky G. Is that crazy to anyone else?

Faith Schroder, 16

Faith Schroder is the younger sister of Cambrie Shroder. The two starred on the show “Growing Up Supermodel” together about, well… yeah. Aside from her modeling work, she’s built up a huge platform on her Instagram page of 214k followers. Faith’s age, you ask? 16.

Sophia Mitchell, 16

And on that same note… I remember seeing photos of Sophia Mitchell around on my explore page now and again and noting just how great her makeup was, etc. Eventually my little sister was like, “Yeah, it’s crazy that she’s younger than I am.” I replied with “that’s impossible” because it was, except it wasn’t. Sophia Mitch is also 16.

Sonia Ben Ammar, 19

We’re after the same rainbow’s end

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Sonia Ben Ammar, or Itsnotsonia on Instagram, is a French model sometimes noted for her relationship with Brooklyn Beckham (pre-Chloe Moretz, of course). Her striking features always led me to assume that she was 24 or 25, but apparently she’s only 19, which is news to me.

Charlotte Lawrence, 17

& more sea breeze

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Charlotte Lawrence isn’t just popping on IG, she’s also an up and coming musician with singles out like “Just the Same” and “Sleep Talking”. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I always sort of thought she was like twenty or so (twenty always seems like a safe bet) but really she’s 17. That’s like almost ten years younger than Justin Bieber. Moving on…

Leo Mandella, 15

Sat On A – Cold Wall * ☃

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Leo Mandella is a street style aficionado that’s already racked up some serious cred, both in street style in high fashion alike. He’s recognized personally by the likes of Virgil Abloh and Luka Sabbat, and calls Tyler the Creator a close personal friend of his. Same to all of that, except I’m not 15. Yes, you read that right.

Semsi Salvino, 13

History getting hard?

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Semsi Salvino is another street style figure to watch. He’s always dripping in the latest releases, drops, and collaborations. Though it’s clear that Salvino is young, we would never have guessed he’d be this young. He’s literally almost not old enough to see The Avengers in theaters without a legal guardian, and yet has somehow obtained the Nike Off-White sneaker collaboration pre-release. Gotcha.

Sophia Birlem, 13

why so mad soph ?

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Speaking of 13-year-olds! Sophia Birlem is an IG sensation that rose to fame after her (slightly) older brother got big on YouTube. She now has a platform of her own, boasting over 160k followers.

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