The #1 Ingredient to Avoid When Buying a New Hair Product

Buying a new hair product is like a giant leap into the unknown.

Pick the wrong shampoo and conditioner combo and you can kiss your chances of locking eyes across a crowded bar with an unidentified hottie and spending the rest of the night living out your own erotic fantasy goodbye.

Actually jk, boys don’t care about stuff like that, but we do, so you’ll spend way too much time complaining to all your friends about how ugly and gross you feel, which will make you seem boring and petty and maybe even make you cry.

While everybody’s hair has different requirements for selecting its dream hair product, there’s one ingredient that’s a bad look on everybody and should be avoided like the plague.


Go figure. It’s great to drink, but horrible for your hair.

I asked LA-based colorist to the stars Matt Rez what the big deal with alcohol was and he broke it down for me like the clueless consumer I am.

“Anything that has a lot of smell to it,” Matt explained to me, “most likely has a high alcohol content and typically the alcohol ends up drying the hair out over time with repeated use, so I would say to stay away from any hair product that lists alcohol in its first three to five ingredients.”


Message received.

Guess I should stop using beer as shampoo whenever I run out and I’m too lazy to walk to blocks to Walgreens, huh?

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