How India Love Went From Internet Fame To Reality Star Overnight

India Westbrooks, aka India Love, went from social media darling to reality TV star practically overnight.

She’s the breakout star of BET’s new reality TV series “The Westbrooks,” a show that follows her family life and personal rise to fame. Having amassed 2.1 million followers from selfies and her outted relationship with rapper The Game, India and her 4 sisters have over 3 million people (combined) following their every move, wondering what and when they’ll post next.

With each passing day, India proves it’s possible to turn Instagram likes into cash. Talk about business savvy!

In the q+a below, India reveals the struggles of having her life so public, what she’s learned from from being so open about her previous relationship, and even answers some of our favorite #GaloreGirl beauty questions.

Galore: What’s the hardest part about showing your life on reality television?

India Westbrooks: The hardest part about showing my life on television is pretty much everything about it! Your privacy is suddenly out the window and your business becomes everyone’s business. That has been a huge struggle for me.

Do you and your sisters ever feel competitive with one another?

IW: My sisters and I all feel like we’re one honestly. Instead of competing with one another, we sit and come up with ideas to better ourselves, as a brand.

What’s a sassy way to stop the internet haters? 

IW: A sassy way to stop the Internet haters is literally your success. Any form of success and positivity in your life is just going to piss off the petty people this generation is filled with.

Everyone always wants to talk about your old relationship. For you, what’s been the biggest learning experience from having your life so public? Do you think you’ll be more private about your love life in the future?

IW: The biggest learning experience for me from having my life so public is to keep people guessing. Don’t let people know your next move, choose your next move wisely, and work towards your goals silently. As far as my love life is concerned, I have definitely learned the hard way not to react to situations out of excitement. Instead, I’ve learned to let the relationship move at its own pace, to keep my business as private as possible, and to focus on the relationship more than what others say about it. I think that’s the major key.

I read that you’re planning to donate to cancer research! Tell me a little bit about that.

IW: I definitely plan to donate to cancer research in the near future. My grandma recently passed from stage 4 cancer and it literally shattered my heart. She was the strongest women I know but the cancer ate her up so bad she suddenly became weak and had to leave us…I want to help find a cure in any way possible.. I know my granny would be proud.

If there was one thing you want to teach your fans, what would it be?

IW: It would have to be the power of self love, and confidence! Both of those are key concepts in my day to day life.

You got your start from social media. But even recently Kylie Jenner talked about how she wants to delete her Instagram! Do you ever feel like that?

IW: Even though social media, especially this generation is full of internet trolls and bullies, I’ve never felt like deleting my Instagram. It keeps me mentally strong and driven to prove people wrong. The hate fuels me.

If you were a Kardashian, which one would you be?

IW: If I had to be a Kardashian, I’d definitely be the Rob of the family. He seems to have never wanted the fame, or the spotlight like his family. But being who he is, it just happened. He was forced to compromise to the good and bad parts of his new lifestyle and learned to capitalize off the situation for the better and use the platform that was given. That’s me!

Tell me a little bit about your hair! You’re always changing up your look. What are some styles or tips you can recommend for our Galore Girls?

IW: My hair is major key, aside from my eye brows, when it comes to my look. I’m all for versatility! I feel that’s important for a model as well. Being able to pull off any hair style, long or short, is a real blessing. I like to take full advantage of it.

What’s your daily beauty routine like?

IW: My daily beauty routine starts with a clear and clean face – not much make up except for something to keep my eyebrows fleeky and my eye lashes 3D. I made it one of my New Years resolutions this year to wear less make up so I’ve been trying to stick with the simple things.

You promote different brands on Instagram. What do those business deals mean for the India Westbrooks business?

IW: I’m a firm believer in building others up. I’m not a selfish person and with that being said, if a small business is looking to grow their brand, ind it could be beneficial to my fans and followers as well, I don’t have a problem spreading the word to potentially have someone in a good financial place. That actually make me feel good. It makes me feel like I’m making a difference.

If you could be any superhero which one would you be and why?

IW: I would be Storm, simply because she has the power to create and tame anything!

What’s your go to flirt move?

IW: Sadly, I don’t have go to flirt move, but just know that if I offer you some of my hot fries I must really like you [Laughs].

Do you ever leave the house without makeup? Why? Why not?

IW: Yes, I definitely leave the house without makeup. I love my beauty and flaws. Shout out to my parents and God!

Photos by Prince + Jacob

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