Maggie Lindemann, 17, Is Social Media’s Alt Pop Princess

Being a teenager is weird enough, but being a teenager with 1.3 million followers on Instagram is even weirder.

For better or for worse, “everything you do gets blown up,” 17-year-old Maggie Lindemann says, adding, “you can’t totally be yourself.”

Still, even if Maggie’s not totally being herself on social media (and who is?), she’s still carving out a unique place for herself. She’s the kind of girl who tweets random thoughts like “wish I could text my dog” and “gonna go to Australia for the boys and koalas” and more importantly, she’s the kind of girl who isn’t afraid to really go there, like when she tweeted, “I feel like Kim Kardashian before the ass.”

She’s also wise before her years, noting, “Everyone would want to be in this industry if any type of fame was balanced with true freedom.” Her perspective on celebrity takes some people years to achieve.

Now Maggie Lindemann is reinventing herself as an alt pop princess that both teenagers and twenty-somethings will want to vibe to. Here’s our conversation with her.


Maggie Lindemann / Instagram

How would you describe your vibe musically? 

Dark and chill. A lot of people having been saying my sound is a bit like Spooky Black meets Selena Gomez. I don’t particularly care for comparisons, I just want my music to come off almost mysterious (a complete 180 to what you’d expect from someone whose entire life is relatable because it’s accessible on social media.)

I know Lana Del Rey is a big influence for you. What is it about her that you connect with? 

Oh yeah, I love Lana. She’s adorable. Her mysterious personality and chill attitude work well together. I’m intrigued by her, yet also find her lyrics so so relatable.

For as much love as you get on social media, there’s also a lot of ugliness. What do you make of it when people send you death threats or say something catty about you?

It’s very frustrating having people say things about you 24/7 that are ugly and untrue. For me, it’s especially difficult because I have this strong instinct to defend myself so there have been times I’ve responded when I should really have let it be. It’s just weird seeing people hate on you in real time and right in front of you, people definitely forget I’m an actual person with feelings. We should all spread more positivity online and off.

What are the last things you Googled? 

Um, the dog cafe, Schnauzer puppies for sale, and like “Things” [Maggie’s new single] to be honest. I am really passionate about animal rescue, and this week was fun because I realized my new single an my fans unlocked the music video once we hit top 40 on the iTunes Alternative Chart.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Releasing music and touring the world. I can’t wait to meet everyone who cibes with my music.

Follow Maggie on Instagram and Twitter, and buy her new single on iTunes here.

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