If You’re Going To Get Bangs Out of Boredom, At Least Try These Realistic AF Clip-Ins First

We’ve all been there, that moment where you think to yourself, “Should I get bangs?” Maybe you just ended a two-year relationship with the guy you thought you’d be making wedding hashtags with one day, maybe you finally quit your toxic AF office job to pursue your passion, or maybe you just got really f-ing bored during quarantine and figured now is as good as time as ever to try something crazy.

Here’s a tip: please don’t commit to a new hairstyle in a crisis or time of transitions. If the country decides to “reopen” next week and your hair is looking like a bad bowl-cut up top, you’re not going to be happy.

Thankfully, one of our fave hair brands, INH, has launched their own clip in bang hair extensions called The Zooey (perhaps inspired by everyone’s favorite new girl?).

The Zooey is made from 100% remy human hair, so it won’t look like you just threw a toupee on your forehead. Plus, you can cut, color, and style it however you want, so you can fit it to your face shape.

We’re kind of obsessed with The Zooey’s ability to make us feel like we’re changing up our look without doing anything crazy. Besides, considering I’ve been taking selfies from the same bedroom for the last two months, changing my hair makes me feel like I’m adding some variety to my ‘gramming.

TBH, I might get kind of crazy and adopt a whole new personality for when I’m wearing our clip in bangs? Maybe give her a British accent and a late ex-husband that she’s mourning? Is quarantine really getting to me? It’s definitely possible.

But, you can totally still trust my recommendations when it comes to beauty buys. Have I ever steered you wrong?

You can snag The Zooey for $65—a.k.a for less than you’d pay for a regrettable and irreversible haircut—here.

cover photo: @elishizzle

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