Why Every Girl Needs to Wrap Her Hair Before Bed

Everyone has their night time routine. You brush your teeth, wash your face, and grab that late night snack you’ve been fantasizing about all day (let’s be honest here), but there may be one thing you’re forgetting about before dozing off into sleepy town: your hair.

As it turns out, sleeping in a ponytail, top knot, or free of hair ties altogether, is probably not the healthiest options for your tresses. Sleeping with hair too tightly wound or all over the place can cause pulling, breakage, or worse.

If you’re looking to maintain strong, healthy locks, and limit the amount of havoc wreaked on hair cuticles while curling into fetal position at 3 a.m., wrapping hair up before bed (like Rihanna did at an awards show in 2013) can be the ultimate game changer in your typical beauty routine.

Read on for five key reasons you should take time to wrap your hair every night. 

1. Satin pillowcases or scarves help to reduce hair frizz, tangling, and tugging.

At night, hair is more prone to major tangling and matting due to tossing and turning as we sleep. Additionally, our strands tend to get entangled more easily in harder fabrics, like cotton. Smoother materials, like satin or silk, allow hair to glide against its surface instead of snag, considerably reducing nighttime damage and frizz.  

2. Wrapping is the best way to preserve straightened or curly hairstyles, and moisture.

Nothing wrong with second day hair! Tying up your newly straightened or curly looks with a satin scarf or bonnet are the best way to maintain that straight out of the salon style. Not only will the fabric secure your look, but it will also help to lock-in moisture and shine.

3. It helps to extend life span of hair extensions.

If your extensions are giving you life, wouldn’t you want to return the favor? Nightly wrapping of hair limits the day-to-day wear and tear on your extensions, preserving your Beyonce style realness for just a little longer.

4. You won’t have to use as much heat to style hair.

Preserving hairstyles means you can probably limit your use of hot tools the next day, as well as the heat damage that typically comes with their use. We know your hair will thank you.

5. You’ll save time getting ready in the morning.

Taking time to wrap it at night ensures that you’ll spend less time on your hair in the morning, and have more time for other things — like pressing the snooze button a few more times. 

These are some hair wrapping essentials that won’t break the bank:

Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcase, $10.99 (BedBathandBeyond.com)

Conair Styling Essentials Style and Detangle Comb, $2.39 (Drugstore.com)

Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush, $25 (Nordstrom.com)

Proclaim Style It Up Large Satin Scarf, $4.49 (SallyBeauty.com)

Happy wrapping!

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