A celeb hairstylist dishes on how to get the perfect middle-part

Middle-parted hair will probably never go away — but that doesn’t mean going from a side part to the center is easy.

Side parts can be way more flattering and polished. And a badly executed middle part could leave you looking like an extra from the “Woodstock” movie, in an un-chic way.

So we talked to the legendary Oscar Blandi, who hands have graced the locks of Jessica Alba, Naomi Watts, Jessica Biel and other stars. He told us all about how to get your middle-part looking timeless, not tragic.

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How do I make sure my middle part is modern?

Middle part is a middle part. It’s always going to be in style, just don’t have your middle part go past the area where your crown starts to rotate.

How have middle parts changed since the hippie days?

It’s softer and more controlled now. It doesn’t look as stiff, unless you’re doing an editorial shoot or runway.  Most people with oval faces, like Kim Kardashian, will part their hair in the middle.

Will a middle part enhance a big nose?

It can, but that’s why you need to look at your profile in the mirror at a ¾ angle so you can see what it will look like. Middle parts tend to enhance any strong features your face may have.

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What does a middle part say about its wearer, as opposed to a side part?

Middle part does establish a part of your personality. But the way you part your hair has to do with the particular woman and how she dresses. Some women feel like the middle part is too harsh so they part their hair on the side. Middle part can emphasize features on your face that you may not like, so it all depends. I recommend talking to your stylist to figure out the best part for your hair. I always tell women to switch their parts every now and then to diversify their look – it’s an easy way to change up their style.

Who are some of the most iconic middle-parted babes in history?

Yasmin Ghauri, Linda Evangelista, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner, Salma Hayek.

How do I keep middle-parted hair from getting in my face, without putting it behind my ears?

If you part your hair in the middle, set your hair with gel or hairspray to get it out of your face. However, if you have thick, ethnic hair it will fall down. You can also use a barrette, a headband, you can pin the front section up and let the rest fall down which always looks pretty and romantic.

What are the best facial features and face shapes for a middle part?

Soft cheekbones, somewhat angular face. Your crown and front hairline shouldn’t be too steep. Strong eyes, great lip, somewhat wavy hair. Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis are good examples of the strong, beautiful faces that middle parts really emphasize their features.

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