How to Kiss-Proof Your Red Lips for 4th of July

Dilemma: your crush is going to be at the same fourth of July BBQ as you, and after the fireworks you’d really like to segway the celebrations into something more…romantic. But you’d like to keep your lipstick on your own face, and off of your crush’s, if–no–when you two finally get to make out.

So how can you make sure your lip color stays put all day (and night) long?

1. Exfoliate, Prime, and Set 

You can make any lipstick long lasting if you take the time to incorporate these steps into your make up routine. In order to exfoliate your lips, you can mix one teaspoon of coconut oil with one teaspoon of sugar, then apply the mixture to your lips with your finger and scrub away. Or, if you don’t like to DIY, you can use this lip scrub from lush. After exfoliating, prime your lips by using a moisturizing lip balm to lock in moisture, and then, after applying your choice of lip color, finish with a setting product.  If you don’t have any special products on hand this weekend that make your lipstick stay on, you can apply a small amount of translucent powder with a q-tip or tissue before and after you apply lip stick.

2. Use a Matte Lipstick 

Matte formulas usually stick on longer than their glossier counterparts, by nature of the fact that they are less “slick” and move around on your lips less. If you do nothing else, a matte lip may save the day all on its own. A great 4th of July pick is NYX matte soft lip cream in Amsterdam, and it’s available in most drugstores!

3. Use a Lip Stain Instead 

They won’t melt in the summer heat and the color won’t transfer onto anything. If you use a lip stain, you won’t have to reapply, even after you’ve had your third hot dog. Lip stains do just that–stain your lips rather than just sit on top of them. If you truly desire to rock the reddest lip, and not have to worry whatsoever about it getting all over your crush’s face, then try something like this. The color will be a bit more muted and subtle with a stain than with a stick, but it’ll all be worth it once you’re finally making out with the babe you showed up to the BBQ for!

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