Dark Circles Under Your Eyes? Might Be a Vitamin Deficiency

You’ve probably heard that the best way to get rid of under dark eye circles is to sleep more and stop drinking coffee and booze, but let’s be real, that’s just not how life works.

Maybe if we were all celebrities whose career revolved around making sure we looked like deities teenagers would worship things would be different, but for most of us those two suggestions just aren’t reliable solutions.

But it turns out there may be another culprit that’s way easier to fix.

An Iron deficiency.

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It seems like everybody and their mom is anemic these days, which is the best excuse for having pale skin, cold hands, and a headache that never goes away.

But it’s not so great for your eyes according to Allure.

They recommend adding a little more vitamin B12 to your diet like red meat, poultry, seafood, beans, spinach and peas.

But make sure you stay away from actual Vitamin B12 supplements because those can make your face break out.

Or if you’re super lazy, just go to your local drugstore and pick up some Iron tablets.

They low key taste like blood, but hey, whatever works, right?

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[H/T Allure]

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