How To Find a Pair Of Faux-Leather Pants That Don’t Look Cheap

Nothing amps up a winter look like a pair of leather pants.

Unfortunately, leather pants are expensive af. Even an “on sale” pair can set you back $300 or more.

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But just like faux fur coats, faux leather pants are an animal-friendly and wallet-friendly way to get the look for less. The only challenge is finding a good pair that doesn’t look like shiny spandex that you got at your local costume shop. Not to mention one that fits.

We talked to fashion bloggers Annie Lawless and Christine Andrew about how to get the leather pants look for less while still looking like you’re wearing the real deal.

Ditch The Leggings

Leggings are great for running errands, going to the gym, and even going to work if your company is chill; but not for your leather looks.

Annie Lawless, blogger and founder of Blawnde, says to avoid the pull-on leggings style when it comes to faux leather.

“Most real leather pants are made like jeans and have belt loops, pockets, and the zip and button closure,” she says. “Anything that is completely sleek and looks like a legging tends to look faux.”

Find The Perfect Fit

It can be easy to settle for a cheap pair that doesn’t fit you perfectly, but Christine Andrew, blogger behind Hello Fashion, says fit can make or break a pair of faux leather pants.

“Always go for a tailored fit…avoiding any bunching will make it harder to tell the difference between faux and for real,” she says.

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Go For Black

A pair of red leather pants sounds fab, but not if they look like they were purchased off the clearance rack at Charlotte Russe. Instead, go for a classic black pair. Not only will you be able to wear them more often, but they’ll look way more legit because the black hides the differences in material and texture, according to Annie.

“I can’t even tell the difference between a good matte black pair of faux leather pants sometimes, but a colored pair often looks much more obviously faux,” she says.

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Matte’s The Way

The shiny look is dope, but if you’re trying to make it look like your $50 pair is the real deal, Annie says to go for something matte.

“Anything with a shiny or patent finish can look cheap and those materials usually don’t wear well over time,” she says. “A matte finish…resembles real leather.”

Christine echoed the same statement, saying you should search for something with a bit more texture.

“Look for something with a lightly grain finish or with zippers and other hardware to break up the material,” she suggests.

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If you’re still having trouble finding the right pair to nail the rocker-chic on a budget look, have no fear. We had Christine and Annie pick out some killer pairs that are almost all under $200.

Annie’s picks (above) are a bit pricier, but considering how much real leather pants would go for, they’re a steal. Besides, leather pants are basically a wardrobe staple for the wild thang.

Christine’s picks are on the more affordable side, but still look super legit. She mentions that the cropped look is another way to amp up your faux leather pants because it’ll avoid any bunching at the bottom.

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