6 Ways To Kick Your Junk Food Cravings

Whether or not you’re trying to stick to a diet, we can all agree that gorging on junk food makes you feel like shit.

So we talked to Karena and Katrina of Tone It Up on how to deal with cravings effectively, and no – the answer isn’t just “being mentally strong” or “sticking to your goals.”

1. H20

If you’re running around all day or nursing a bad hangover, what you perceive as a craving could actually be your body asking for more water.

“When you’re hydrated, you’re less likely to reach for a treat,” explains Karena & Katrina.

Obviously, water isn’t the tastiest drink, and it doesn’t give you the same boost as coffee, so it can be tough to actually want to sip on it all day. K & K suggest throwing in “a lemon, fresh mint, or a few slices of fresh ginger to spruce it up.” You can also throw in fruit, like strawberries or pineapple, for a tropical flavor.

I know you’re sick of hearing that water is the answer to all your body issues, but there’s no question that drinking lots of water is good for you and fills you up. The only downside to getting your recommended amount of H2O is that you’re going to be running to the bathroom all day. But hey, we all need a break from life sometimes.

2.Try Out Kombucha or Tea

“We like to sip on Kombucha between breakfast and lunch,” explains Karena & Katrina. “It’s low in calories with healthy probiotics and a variety of delicious flavors. Perfect alternative for keeping those munchies at bay.”

Kombucha definitely gives you that carbonated, high-flavor taste that you’re not going to get with water, and only has slightly more calories (A bottle of GT’s Kombucha has around 30).

But, just like your daily trip to Starbucks affects your wallet, buying a bottle of Kombucha every day will too. If you’re trying to save some dollas, try sipping regular tea instead of hopping on the Kombucha train right away. Or, try buying in bulk (Whole Foods sells packs of 12 for $35) instead of buying bottles individually.

Regular tea also comes in flavors that could satisfy your cravings — chocolate mint tea is actually a thing. It’s not the same as a Hershey bar, but at least it somewhat tastes like it.

3. Go For a Walk

What better way to completely contradict your craving for chocolate than to actually exercise?

“Cravings sometimes just means boredom,” say Karena and Katrina. “Head outside for a 10 minute walk around the block to get some fresh air. Listen to a podcast or your favorite jams to take your mind away from snacks.”

If your favorite jams aren’t “Candy Shop” or “Cheeseburger In Paradise” this could work. Also, try to take a walking route that won’t pass you by a McDonald’s or Auntie Anne’s, those smells can hurt your cravings instead of helping them.

4. Chat Up a Friend

Pushing away those cravings and catching up with an old friend? Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

“A good ol’ gab sesh is always great for taking your mind off of anything… including snacking,” Karena and Katrina say. “Call up a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while and catch up. Not only will you forget about your cravings, you’ll also get some quality gal pal time.”

5. Keep Something Healthy on You at all Times

You may feel a bit like a mom if you’re constantly carrying snacks in your purse, but you’ll save money and calories for those times where you’re nowhere near home and are starving (or craving) something serious.

“We like to carry a small bag of almonds in our purse and carrots and hummus in the fridge at our office,” explain Karena and Katrina. “If you’re going to snack, its good to have something healthy conveniently there for you to reach for. Try out our Chocolate Almond Bites for your protein and chocolate fill!”

If the Chocolate Almond Bites aren’t your thing, check out Karena and Katrina’s Tone It Up Nutrition Plan for other recipes (for snacks and meals) that will make you forget all about that glazed donut you were craving.

6. Stock Up On Raw Veggies

Let’s not pretend that raw carrots have the same appeal as a bag of Doritos, but work with us here.

If you have bags on bags of raw, cut up veggies, you’ll eat those instead of heading to the vending machine or going down the street to grab a snack. Snacking on something crunchy will fill you up, but veggies have barely any calories so you won’t feel weighed down or bloated after eating a shitload of broccoli.

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