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E11EVEN x Hotel Collection

Inspired by your favorite hotels from around the world, including 1 Hotel, The Edition, and Hotel Costes in Paris, Hotel Collection allows you to bring the beautiful fragrances of the most luxurious hotels and venues in the world directly into your home or office. 

The E11EVEN x Hotel Collection line is available for purchase at www.hotelcollection.com


With items ranging from Bath to Home & Kitchen, these unique pieces are not only affordable, but they also make a great gift because they are: of premium build and quality, designed to be multifunctional and spruce up all living spaces. We recommend the products from GOBAM because they provide an instant decor upgrade and are affordable!

Shop via the Amazon Store here.

Pure Sky By Persik

Price: Varies

Forget harsh cleaning chemicals, meet Pure Sky By Persik. Their glass cleaning cloths and cleaning tools have more than 1,300 4 ½ star Amazon reviews, so you can trust this kind of clean! Get the cleanest surfaces with Persik’s Pure Sky cleaning collection. From kitchen pads, to multi-purpose gloves and even mop pads, you can’t beat this kind of clean for your home! All Persik’s products are made from thousands of antibacterial ultra-microfibers that only require water to clean! You get a green clean, so there is no need for harsh chemicals! You did not know what your home was missing out on until you have tried one of the cleaning cloths, sponges, or glass cloths from Persik! Just add water to Persik’s Pure Sky cleaning line cloths and you will watch your surfaces, counters, furniture, and even floor grime disappear!

To shop Pure Sky By Persik click here!

Slrrrp Gelatin Shots 

Starting at $10.99

Want a fun and engaging way to entertain guests? Slrrrp Gelatin Shots are your best bet! These vegetarian-friendly & gluten-free gelatin shots are crafted with plant-based ingredients and premium alcohol. Choose from vodka, malt liquor, or cinnamon whiskey. No refrigeration required and can last up to 2 Year shelf life .

Available in 20 or 12 packs at slrrrp.com  

Hearthy Foods

Hearthy Foods produces the Rolls Royce of flours! Their Flour products are made from fruits, vegetables, and nuts. They have the largest selection of gluten-free flours and are the leading seller of halal collagen, gelatin, and colostrum. Hearthy Foods create food products that go beyond the boundaries of imagination and are delicious, nutritious, and full of health benefits. Hearthy Foods originated from Riaz’s (founder) desire to help his mother with food intolerances. He perfected my processes along my journey. Their mission is to create quality gluten-free products without sacrificing taste or quality. Products that are good for the body and soul and provide a variety of healthy, delicious products for everyone!

Visit www.hearthyfoods.com to check out their full inventory. Select items are also available on Amazon.

Kahawa 1893

Kahawa 1893 was founded by Margaret Nyamumbo. “Kahawa” means “coffee” in Swahili, “our language – and 1893 is when our story begins” she states. While coffee’s origins can be traced back to ancient forests in Ethiopia, coffee had to travel around the world before it made its way back to Africa, in 1893. Kahawa 1893‘s coffee has rich blends and is sold grounded or as whole beans.

To shop Kahawa 1893, click here.

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