Heroic Topless Woman Crotch-Grabs a Trump Wax Statue

A topless activist caused commotion last week by grabbing Donald Trump’s waxwork by the balls.

The protestor is part of Femen, an international woman’s movement to protect female rights mainly through topless protests.

She reportedly shouted “grab patriarchy by the balls,” which was also written on her back as she grabbed Trump’s crotch. Femen activists have crashed previous Trump and other sexist events such as the Muslim Conference.

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The waxwork was unveiled as a new addition to The Madrid Wax Museum. Gonzalo Presa, the museum’s head of communications, said he wanted to give Trump a “special welcome” from Madrid.

The problem for him, though, is that Trump’s grotesque comment about grabbing women “by the pussy” is still riling up feminists. And they are grabbing back, even if they have to sexually harass a wax figure.

Far from condemning Femen’s actions, though, Gonzalo Presa apparently thinks only groping wax should be off-limits. Politicians are fair game. He told the Guardian, “If they want to do it, they should do it directly to him.”

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Watch the video below, unless you are at work or next to your grandparents. Cuz boobs.


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