Here’s The Quickest, Easiest Way To Consume Weed

I didn’t smoke weed until the ripe age of 23, so I missed out on the middle school days of hotboxing, apple bongs, and most importantly, as I’ve just learned, the days of consuming weed in the form of a Firecracker.

Firecrackers are baked weed goods that allow you to consume marijuana, graham crackers, and Nutella, all in one shot. The good news is that Firecrackers are just as easy to make, and as delicious as ever. Weed kitty says YES, LET’S MAKE FIRECRACKERS!


So here’s what you do:

1. Buy a box of graham crackers, a container of Nutella, organic peanut butter if you like it, and enough weed for half a gram of marijuana per cracker. Preheat your oven to 320 degrees.

2. Spread the peanut butter on the top of the crackers. Apparently, natural peanut butter is better, because the more oil it has, the more weed gets absorbed. says, “DO NOT BUY PEANUT BUTTERS LIKE ‘JIF’ AND ‘SKIPPY’. We can’t stress this enough, you will not get buzzed if you use those brands.” So I trusted that.

3. Cut your weed up with scissors or a grinder. You’re going to want the weed to be as finely ground as possible.

4. Sprinkle the weed on top of the peanut butter, keeping a thin layer of the powder atop the peanut butter, so the oils can easily absorb while cooking.

5. Now, add some more peanut butter, or Nutella. This is my favorite part.

6. Place your creations in the oven for 22 minutes. Not a minute more, not a second less. Tada!


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