Here’s what happens if you make things Facebook-official with your boo

Before a casual coupled-up Instagram post became the de facto way to announce your relationship to the world on social media, there was “going Facebook official.”

To go Facebook official, you would update your relationship status — married, engaged, in a relationship, or the notorious in an open relationship — and tag the object of your affection, if applicable. Some people would tag their bestie just to keep potential baes guessing (hint: everyone knew this meant you were single) and others would leave off their status entirely.

And now, Facebook has brought back its relationship status heyday with a few Facebook Messenger surprises.

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If you finally take the plunge and tag bae in an upgraded relationship status, here’s what the two of you will get:

A heart shower effect will fall across your screens.

Your custom emoji will become a heart.

You’ll be prompted to set your own custom text color, emoji, and nickname (or safe word, it’s up to you!) in case you want to switch things up even more.

Your loved one will be the first person to appear on the Active tab from now on, so you can easily see when they’re available to chat.

Honestly, what could be better than surprising your bae at work with a new Facebook status AND a virtual heart-shower?? It’ll be almost like you didn’t forget it was your four-month anniversary last week.

Even if you don’t want to make things public on FB today, Facebook Messenger has a bunch of other cute Valentine’s Day promotions going for all users, even the single ones. By messaging Facebook Messenger’s bots, you can get discounts on flowers, movies and more:

The Food Network’s new Meal Match feature will hook you up with Valentine’s Day dinner and dessert recipes.

Order two or more movie tickets together through the Fandango bot with promo code “MESSENGERVDAY” and you’ll get $2 off your order. We know you’re gonna use this for “50 Shades Freed,” we won’t tell.

Get the iHeartRadio bot to choose your radio station for you since you’re too lazy to scroll through Spotify.

And message the 1-800-Flowers bot for some last-minute bouquets.

Isn’t that nice? You don’t even have to have a bae. Now go get drunk on red wine, cook up something delish, and hobble over to the movie theatre.

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