Here’s a Great Song if You Want to Pregame to a Full Orchestra

A handful of electronic songs have become mandatory anthems at festivals, clubs, parties, you name it. The two Swedish gods known as Galantis are responsible for some of those bangers like the hit songs, “Runaway (U & I)” and “No Money.”

After months of collaborating and headlining international festivals they are ready to release their newest single, “Love On Me.” We sat down with Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklow to talk about the creative process, new music, and how to pull off a whole orchestra for an entire electronic tune…
What’s the inspiration behind your newest single, Love On Me?

Well, sometimes when we make music it’s just about the creative flow, finding something that sticks to you. Basically we always have a ton of songs going but there’s always that one we use or gets picked, we keep saying to it- I wanna go back here and listen to that vocal and chord. So this is one of those things where we always went back and played around with the vocal, we started to throw different samples around it which then made us go toward a soulful vibe. Which led to our idea to book a full orchestra. We went in with violins, percussion, strings, the full thing this is something that doesn’t happen in electronic music.

How long have you guys been working on this song?

Few months now, it started as a collaboration with a good friend of ours.

Do you usually collaborate with other artists?

Not usually, it’s more of a right moment kinda thing with our friends, it happens organically. 95% of all the music we do is just us this is the collaboration.

So you are both from Sweden, is there any influence from back home on your music?

Well out of all things being very melody driven is something we pick up from being from there. I started making music when I was 15 and have always been very melody driven. But after being out in the world I noticed that there was something Swedish producers always did, which was doing the whole process entirely themselves. There was never a mix engineer, or someone to record you, or a crew… we always ran everything ourselves. I think it’s a good thing to know later on, so you understand every trait and position there is of creating music.

Are you working on more new tunes?

We got a shit load of music coming out….

Your music has always been so energetic and feel good, is there a reason?

Galantis is that. Sometimes we feel like there’s a sad part only us will know, with a lyric or a note. But overall it’s always happy and positive music, that’s what Galantis is.

You have been on tour year round, what have you learned from traveling or hated about always on the road?

You learn something about yourself, each other, music. We have learned to always bring more gear and more equipment to the show like drums and live instruments. It’s a constant change and very creative process. Somehow we always have bruises and scratches from going so hard on stage, it’s the jumping and dancing especially after the first 100 shows. We used to have moments where we’d pass out after from the rush of adrenaline. Our body is starting to get used to it now.

Would you ever listen to your music in the bedroom?

“Louder, Harder, Better” and “Peanut Butter Jelly.” Honestly I’d probably pick 99% of it, well, except “Runaway”…

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