Hennessy Carolina Is Ready For World Domination


Hennessy Carolina‘s dad met her mother in the delivery room straight from the party where he’d been sipping on some Hennessy. And thus, her name was suggested and it stuck.   

Just like her big sis Cardi B, Hennessy’s got a big personality that she’s not afraid to throw in your face. You may recognize her from her appearance on MTV’s The Challenge, or from strutting down the runway in a Philipp Plein show at Milan Fashion Week last year.   

We talked to Hennessy about coming out as a lesbian to her parents, her go-to beauty tips, and what’s next for her in 2019.

Jacket: True Religion 
Skirt: Morphine /@morphine_fashion 

You have quickly become a style icon. What brands are you loving right now?

Some of the brands I’m loving right now are OFF-White, Moschino, Christian Dior, Nike, and Chanel.

What advice has your sister Cardi given you on dealing with the fame and the haters?

One advice my sister always gave me is, “don’t worry about what nobody thinks, keep being yourself and keep pushing to reach [your] full potential.”

What color hair makes you feel the most fun?

For some reason my favorite color wig is orange/copper hair. I can dress up in anything with orange hair. I can wear anything floral, black, plaid. It’s really fun and I feel like it compliments every skin tone. One day I will have a go to look, the next I switch and wear all black with lace and or I’ll wear leather with a studded biker jacket or beautiful sunset tones.

What song do you have on repeat right now?

Clout by Offset & Cardi B.

What makeup product do you feel is underrated and why?

I feel like the setting powder and the primer is the most underrated product. I feel like people usually don’t feel like [using it, they think] you just need the foundations and concealers, but trust me, put some primer under that—it would make a total difference. You have to make sure you get the right primer, especially for your skin type  weather you have oily or dry or natural skin it’s really important to know and buy the one that suits best. The setting powder makes sure your makeup is set and stays in place. Both products definitely make your makeup last longer and give it a much more cleaner [look] without the makeup creasing. If you just put the makeup on, it should be fine, but in reality if you want it to look better and last longer you need to set your concealer

Lipstick or mascara? Which is a necessity?

Lipstick. You can’t go wrong with lipstick.

When did you come out and how did your parents react?

The first time I came out was when I was 20 years old. My parents weren’t happy about it, but I needed them to understand my life and my love and happiness. So, I sat them down multiple times and gave them the talk till they finally listened & understood that there was nothing wrong with being a lesbian.

Any advice for young girls who are ready to come out?

My biggest advice to anyone I know is to definitely have the talk with your parents. Don’t hide it because you won’t be happy, and just be understanding if they don’t understand right away. It’s always best to let your parents know how you feel, because your happiness matters too. A lot of parents were born with old principles and old beliefs. The older generation taught them in believing that same gender love is wrong and it’s a sin, but I guarantee if you show them that we’re regular human beings and love the same just like everyone else, they would eventually accept it.

What beauty advice has your mom or grandma given you that you swear by?

One beauty tip my mom has given me is that she always motivated me to express myself with my outfits . My mom always cheered me on when she saw my outfits before I would head out everyday to school. She also gave me tips on how to keep my hair healthy and how to take care of my curls. We have the same exact hair, she has very long and curly big hair and she gives me tips on how to hydrate them, preventing it from breakage. I haven’t listened as much as I should though, because I keep dyeing my hair.

Dream TV role or movie role you see yourself in?

Cinderella or the Cat-woman. I’m either a very sweet girl in my fairytale world, or a sexy badass.

What is your life motto?

My life motto has always been “do unto others as you would want them to do onto you.” I believe in respect, loyalty, compassion—and if given I expect it back.

What is next for you besides world domination?

I want to dominate the fashion industry and I would eventually like to get into the makeup industry. I have always been obsessed with applying lipstick on my lips. I always had plump lips, so I used to love to play with makeup when I was younger. I would always match my outfits with my makeup.

Gloves: Laurel Dewitt / @laureldewitt
Dress: Christian Siriano / @csiriano
Earrings: Lilly Street / @lillystreet_world
Dress: Lia Stibulla / @liastubllaofficial 
Hat: Sarah Sokol Millinery / @sarahsokolmillinery 
Dress: Chiara Boni 
Ring middle finger: Lilly Street / @lillystreet_world
Shoe:  Marskinryhppy / @marskinryyppy
RTW (including gloves): Georgi Keburia 
Hat: Gladys Tamez Millinery / @gladystamezmillinery
Necklaces: Melinda Maria Jewelry / @melindamaria_jewelry 
Earrings: Adrianna Pappell / @adriannapapell
Earrings: Afffair @afffair.fff
Corset: The Blonds NYC @theblondsny
Fur: Naked Wardrobe @nakedwardrobe
Jacket: True Religion / @truereligion
Skirt: Morphine /@morphine_fashion 

Cover Image:

Dress: Christian Cowan @christiancowan

Shoes: Marskinryyppy /@marskinryyppy

Earrings: Beladora /@beladorajewelry

Bracelet : Melinda Maria / @melindamariajewelry

Photographer: Vincenzo Dimino / @vincenzo.dimino


Stylist: Jenna Demaio / @jennademaio.stylist

Hair: Tym Wallace / @tymwallacehair & Alex Thao / @alexthaohair

Make up: David Velasquez / @mugopus

Nails: Merrick Fisher / @merricures

Shot at LAvish Studios@lavishstudios

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