Healthy Hair Is Actually A Trend Right Now

Many trends come and go, but there’s a new one on the rise that actually might be good for you.

Because healthy hair is in, but I didn’t know that until I sat down in one very trendy hairstylist’s chair last weekend.

“I don’t want to have ‘cool hair’ anymore,” I told Sal Salcedo, resident rock n’ roll stylist of Benjamin Salon in downtown Los Angeles. He specializes in making sure girls leave his chair much, much happier than they were before they came in.

“I just want my hair to look pretty,” I said. He’d been asking me to describe the look I was going for, and I was struggling with finding the words.

“You want it to look healthy,” he explained, catching my drift right away. “A lot of girls are coming in here asking for the healthy look. People are just exhausted from having to maintain their hair so often.”

He layered me up, and got rid of all the weight that my processed hair had been holding onto; I couldn’t have been more relieved. I have wildly curly, dark blonde hair, but years of keratin treatments and wacky hair color experiments of all kinds have contributed to the fact that I haven’t been able to embrace my hair’s natural texture for over 10 years.

And Sal was right—I am tired of maintaining my hair treatments! Especially since I’m now an adult who unfortunately doesn’t have the time or money to luxuriate in trips to the salon. Feel me?

Vanessa Hudgens knows what’s up.

“I feel like so much of my life I had been fighting my curly hair,” Hudgens told Yahoo News. “I am at a place where I am like, ‘God gave me this hair. I should embrace it.’”

She cites argan oil, and UNITE shampoo as one of her favorite tools for managing her hair.

“You’ve got to use sea salt spray on the roots, and Iles Formula Hair Serum on the ends,” Mallory Llewellyn, our beauty editor helpfully warned me. “Also, Amika makes a good Dry Conditioner.” Healthy hair doesn’t mean no maintenance—it just means a different kind.

Avoiding frizz and finding different styles that work for my curls is the next step in the learning-to-love-my-healthy hair endeavor.

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