Sal Salcedo Is A Hairstylist With An Impeccable Vision

Sal Salcedo has had a few different jobs before establishing his status as resident star stylist at famed Beverly Hill salon, Ramirez Tran. Born and raised in Mexico, Sal moved to Los Angeles at 13, already aware that he loved doing hair. “You know how people go to Beach Goth festival?” He was explaining a personal aesthetic to me, although one look at Sal’s black hair, blazer and tatted up arms, you know you’re in good hands. “I do beach-rock instead—the look I’m giving you can take you to a concert, or to the beach.”

Sal explored all kinds of fields–including academic and in fashion—before deciding that hair was the best career choice for Sal. He likes how directly he affects people when they sit down in his chair.

“I’m able to help people who come to me, you know? And that’s really important to me.”

“So is it like there are just actually some people born with magical haircutting hands? Or for the most part, will it be that people are really into doing hair and then pursue it.”

He laughed. “For the most part, people will pursue the career because they really like it. But for me, it was more about cultivating a vision that I have for people. I don’t look at everyone who comes in and try to give them the same haircut. I’ve got a good eye for knowing exactly what will look best on people.”

I believed him, since he gave my awkwardly not-long-but-not-short hair some layering action, all of a sudden giving back some focus to my face. “Wow,” I clapped my hands like a little girl, unable to take my eyes off myself (like any satisfied salon client). He laughed again.

“Yeah, so things are going pretty well here at the salon, and now I even have time to work on some other projects that are exciting me. He explained his love for photography, detailing an ongoing book project titled Hair and I where Sal takes portraits of friends, models, and anybody who strikes his interest, examining the complex relationship we have to our own hair.

“Hair and Me” I repeated back to him. I liked the title. I was excited for the project.  I liked my hair. I left the salon happy, like Sal knew I would.

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