Harley Quinn Smith is more than what meets the eye

Harley Quinn at just 19, is surpassing all levels of her age range.

She is not only a ferociously independent goddess, but she is also an actress, a singer, bassist, and a vegan!

Harley has been a passionate voice of veganism, dedicated to influencing individuals (including her dad!) to make the conscious decision to make the change. Being a voice for the voiceless is a unquestionable difficult task to accomplish, but Harley is not afraid of the trouble it faces to stand against the meat and dairy industries. We love a woman who is heroic.

Harley is starting a movement and creating the change that is unfamiliar to mainstream media. She recognizes the impressionable audience that follows her on social media and does not take that for granted. She is the role model that every teen girl needs in their life.

Talented in all aspects of her life, she is making waves to keep us guessing what her next move is.

She is more than just a fabulous name, on her way to becoming a household name, she has placed herself deep into the ground of our ever-evolving earth and she’s here to stay.

Recently, Harley booked a role in the newest Tarantino film, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Kurt Russell, Al Pacino and Dakota Fanning. This is just the beginning for the brilliant actress who already has a stacked resume of accomplishments.

When she isn’t acting her face off, she’s also gracing the music world with her “Bubblegum Punk” band, The Tenth. Whether it be her singing or playing the bass, she is what captures the essence of the entire project.

The raw and undeniable talent that Harley possesses is barely scratching the surface to grace our presence. If you haven’t already listened to The Tenth, we’re judging you and clearly need to give your Spotify playlists some love because they are deprived.

They just released their 13 track album ‘Dunes‘, and by the sounds of it we are already craving another album release. Hi, The Tenth, if you’re reading we love you and can’t wait till you tour.

2019 will be the year that we cannot stop hearing about Harley Quinn Smith and her flourishing career.

The Tenth just released their newest music video for ‘I Saw a Ghost,’ and it is the marriage of death and ghostly honeymoons. The upbeat and punk tune will have you guessing of the outcome of the eery ritual union between the two lovebirds in the video. Just in time for the day after Valentines, we are obsessed.

We are so lucky to premiere their EXCLUSIVE new video on Galore! Take a look at video here and below!


Keep up with Harley on her instagram here and The Tenth instagram here!

Band Photography by Lex Gallegos 
Portrait of Harley by Jessica Saphor 
Music Video Director: Meghan Marshall

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