Hailey Baldwin Brought Her Clone to the Strip Club

We all know every living, breathing hunk of flesh on this earth has at least one doppelganger out there. And celebrities like to occasionally meet theirs IRL to take an “OMG can you believe it?” picture for the gram.

But unlike the rest of the celebrity world, Hailey Baldwin isn’t just meeting up with her clone for a photo op. She’s taking her to the strip club to party with Gigi, Kendall, and the rest of her supermodel crew.

Crazy, right?

That’s what I thought too when I first saw this picture of Hailey and a girl who looks just like her right next to each other.

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But as it turns out, Hailey Baldwin and her doppelganger have been good friends for a while now.

Excuse me, I’m being so rude. Hailey’s doppelganger has a name.

Guys, meet Camila Morrone.

She’s 19 years old, has 744,000 followers on Instagram, and is so famous she’s already been on the cover of Vogue.

Vogue Turkey, but still.

When she’s not busy looking hot on Instagram, you can probably find her posting recipes for how to make homemade cream ravioli with corn filling, and other lifestyle blog posts that are undoubtably supposed to make this genetically superior human seem relatable.

But really, the most important thing about Camilla is she looks nearly identical to Hailey Baldwin.

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My babes @lottiemossxo

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Miami with @briannalcapozzi

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And the familiarity isn’t lost on Hailey, who told Vogue, “Everyone thinks we must be related.”

Speaking on behalf of everyone, I full heartedly agree with this statement.


They’re everywhere, man.

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