Hallie Spoor drops her latest EP ‘Heart like Thunder’

Brooklyn-based indie-folk singer-songwriter Hallie Spoor’s compelling vocals and emotional storytelling have earned her the nickname “The Adele of Americana”. The singer releases her latest EP ‘Heart like Thunder’ that she describes as: “‘Heart Like Thunder’ was a learning record for me. I made a whole lot of mistakes, mostly around learning how to communicate what I want to the people I trust to bring this music to life. It’s hard to be honest when you’re worried about hurting people’s feelings. Making music is such a strange blend of personal, emotional, and professional and I’m still learning how to strike that balance. But I’d say the biggest take away lesson for me is to stay true to your vision as an artist, communicate that clearly, and be vulnerable in your honesty with the folks you work with to bringing the record to light.” Download/Stream Heart like Thunder HERE.

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