GRL Wants You to Own Your Sexiness on Halloween & Forever

Girlband and former Galore cover stars GRL chat with us about the power of sisterhood after the death of their former bandmate Simone Battle. Galore was the last publication to interview GRL with Simone. We recently sat down again to discuss the importance being there and checking in on your girls. We also discussed self love and owning your own sexiness. What better way to do this than by trying on slutty Halloween costumes?


Why’d you pick the name GRL?

Lauren: it couldn’t be a more perfect name for a girl band, so we shortened it.

Natasha: it’s perfect now because there’s 3 of us and 3 letters. Girl power!

So Jazzy, you joined about four months ago.

Jazzy: Time goes by fast when you’re having fun. It’s been an amazing journey.

So, how have you guys picked yourself up after Simone?

Lauren: You guys were the last photoshoot we did before we lost Simone. When things happen like this, you think you’ll be able to deal with it, pick yourself up and move forward. Not quickly of course. But then time goes on and you’re still dealing with it, and it’s painful.

Natasha: We all dealt with it in our own way. We all had our own healing processes. Even though we took some time for ourselves, we still were there for each other. We all share such a love of music and passion for what we do, so we just knew we had to continue on. We believe in the power of music and girl power.

Lauren: It’s like, what else are we gonna do? This is something we wanted to do, a goal we wanted to achieve together. We don’t want to give up on something we all set out achieve together. We want to keep Simone’s legacy going.

Did this experience open your eyes to being there for each other emotionally?
Lauren: It really opens your eyes to how you treat people in general. You have to be kind to every person you meet because you never know what’s going on inside of them.

Jazzy: Me and the girls were very sure to talk about how we feel, always asking each other, “Are you okay? How are you feeling today, are you good?” I think it definitely made us do that more often to make sure we’re all happy. We have each other to vent to and we know that.

Natasha: We’re also involved with a Charity called “R U OK!” based in Australia. We really believe in it because it’s about what Jazzy was just saying – starting the conversation of “are you okay?” It’s such a simple but profound question because talking about how you’re feeling is so important.


Tell us about your new single “Kiss Myself”.

Natasha: It’s about being confident and feeling really good. Do you ever look in the mirror and just go, “Damn I look good!” It’s about that moment. It’s just a fun song, it’s fun to dance to and sing to. We’re gearing up to film a music video for it.

Jazzy: The cool thing about that song is that we wrote it, so it’s really us speaking and it’s how we genuinely feel sometimes.

Lauren: It’s one of those songs you put on when you’re getting ready and putting your makeup on.

Natasha: Also, I feel like in this society it’s really kind of a taboo to feel good about yourself or to even express that you feel good about yourself. But confidence is so important; it doesn’t have to be ego based. You can just feel good about yourself. None of us feel perfect all the time – we don’t feel like we look good all the time. So when we do, let’s enjoy it!

There’s definitely a double standard where women are looked at so closely but they better not be too confident or feel too good about themselves.

Natasha: Such an antiquated way of thinking.


Do you think this song helps girls feel that they own themselves?

Lauren: Of course. You’re allowed to admit it. Why not? Why am I not allowed to say I look good today.

Jazzy: ‘Cause I do! [laughs]

Natasha: Hopefully as more people hear the song, they will start to feel that way more and allow themselves to feel good.


What’s going to be the theme of your new music video?

We’re grown up a little bit and we want to be able to be ourselves completely. We want to have fun, be hot, be sexy, and have no rules.

Are you looking forward to styling the video?

Lauren: It’s one of the funnest things about being a girl. You get to really go for it.


Can’t get enough of G.R.L.? Check out their website and listen to their music on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube.

Photography by Maddie Cordoba

Styling by Trashy Lingerie



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