The GRL Cover: Remembering Simone Battle

Editors Note: In the time between going to press for this issue, we learned of the very sad passing of Simone Battle, one of the GRL band members. The below interview was conducted before this tragic event. Like everyone who came into contact with Simone, or was a fan of her music, we are incredibly saddened, and want to express our sympathy to her family, friends, and the whole GRL community. Much love from Prince + Jacob and whole Galore fam. 


Photography by Jacob Dekat
Creative direction by Prince Chenoa

What does friendship mean to you?
Friendship means a bond between people… Kind of like a relationship. Being able to trust, be honest, respect, support, listen and confide in one another. When you really love a person, and they treat you in the same way.

When did you start singing?
GRL (Emmalyn): I started singing when I was 6 years old! First song I ever performed was ‘From this moment’ by Shania Twain!


Top 5 female musicians that inspire you:
GRL: Beyoncé, Adele, Jessie J, Lana Del Rey & Kimbra

What is your favorite song on the album?
GRL (Natasha): It’s hard to choose but I am pretty obsessed with Rewind because of the overall 90s R&B vibe. It’s such a fun song to dance to but at the same time is also really a SINGER’S song!

If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?
GRL (Natasha): We’ve already collaborated with one of my favorite rappers of all-time, Mr. Worldwide, so I’d love to collaborate with someone from another genre. I am super DUPER obsessed with Miguel, so that would be my ultimate collab. His melodies and lyrics are so perfectly strung together. He delivers every single note of every word he writes with such passion and feeling. I’d love for us to be a part of his world for a song or two.

Are you single?
GRL: GRL is an amoeba. We move as one. We dance as one. We are one GRL.

Favorite designer at the moment:
GRL (Paula): Ashish Gupta.

Craziest tour story:
GRL:We were performing at a show and one of our patrons gave Simone a two dollar tip. hay!

Do you have male groupies?
GRL: Yes. It’s usually the teen boys who like to stick around after our shows to try to get their mack on.


What is your beauty regiment?
GRL (Simone): 1. Wash and exfoliate with one of those little face brushes you get from Sephora. 2. Use a little toner on a cotton pad to get those pores all cleaned out. 3. Moisturize 4. Paint on some brows! Haha I’m obsessed with brows. Even when I don’t feel like wearing makeup, good thick brows are a must for me!

The one snack you must have on tour:
GRL: Hot Cheetos! It’s our guilty pleasure. You can always count one of us to have a bag of hot Cheetos on deck when we’re on the road.






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