GRIPPA Debuts a Stunning Conceptual EP for the Broken-Hearted

One EP, six songs – that is all GRIPPA needs to “make it official” as far as her commitment to her career goes. The growing indie pop songstress’ debut comes as a very deliberate piece, equal parts a personal reveal and a calculated effort to show off what she’s capable of -mainly as a songwriter and performer.

From this wacky world of neon lights, hilarious memes, and edgy attitude, GRIPPA carries on the legacy of bold female artists such as Lady Gaga and Doja Cat, who can rattle your musical perception with a single note while still very much enjoying themselves as real people and not pedestaled divas.

Born out of a ​weird core, musical theater, and non-bubblegum pop, the sixteen-year-old pop artist is ready to introduce you to her debut EP in 2023.

Listen to the EP on Spotify HERE

The EP is titled “IS THAT HER?” (all caps) and like any debut work, it is but a glimpse of the true potential of the artist. Through this six-sided prism, the light of GRIPPA’s talent is refracted into a myriad of possibilities, each as likely and as enticing as the next.

“IS THAT HER?” deals with the stages of a Breakup. Much like the grieving process (which it is), there’s a lot to experience and a lot to unpack, a lot of it is emotionally grievous, but certainly not all of it.

There’s more than sufficient lyrical contrast to go around in just these six songs, take for instance the shift from song number 3, “November”, which is an emotionally harrowing tale about the emptiness of abandonment, and the 5th track. “Fish” is instead a deathly-yet-hilarious thought experiment wherein GRIPPA slays her ex, a scary and somber thought if not for the upbeat music and tongue-in-cheek attitude.

IS THAT HER? Is my first EP and it was a very big step because I’d never done this before. It was produced and co-written with the amazing artist/producer YX and the EP does a great job of capturing and expressing a difficult time in my life.

To say that “IS THAT HER?” served its purpose would be an understatement. Lush guitar-driven melodies, an overwhelming vocal performance, and impactful songwriting come together with lovingly polished production to make a debut that sounds a lot more like a third or fourth extended-play release. If GRIPPA held any fiber of self-doubt or nervousness within her, let us clear that up immediately, because she’s objectively created something fantastic that she should be very proud of.

“IS THAT HER?”  is nothing short of a giant leap in the right direction, and the footing with which GRIPPA has landed on the other side of that leap is incredibly strong.


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