These Government-Approved Beauty “Tips” Are Scary But Hilarious

People are freaking out with good reason about the men Donald Trump is promoting to help with his presidency.

One of those dudes is Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, who Trump named National Security Advisor yesterday.

Today’s dramz: when Flynn was in charge of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in January 2013, they put on a presentation to tell workers how they should dress and look to appear professional.

It’s pretty far from scandalous and not a legit reason to hate the dude, but we can still laugh at the makeup and fashion tips they offered to women, while also dying inside a little.

For example, the DIA advised its female employees not to “advocate” a “Plain Jane” look, whatever that means.


That second point is hilarious — coordinated makeup doesn’t communicate jack shit, except that you woke up 15 minutes earlier than you could have.

We also have to laugh at the combo of “too much is bad” and “wear just enough to accentuate your features.” It’s like the DIA is your boyfriend who told you you’d be prettier without makeup but then asked if you were sick the first time he saw you without it.

Now onto slide two, which is full of the most basic possible fashion tips that only a five-year-old dressing herself for the first time would find useful.

Yes, ladies, make sure to consider your body type, as if you hadn’t been forced to consider it every single god damn day of your life due to the fact that you’re female.

And finally we have slide three, which is clearly ripped from the pages of Vogue.


Isn’t it so funny how hideous these PowerPoint slides are, too? Sure, let’s take aesthetic advice from someone who thought light grey on a black background with caps-locked dark grey headers were okay.

We have the Daily Beast to thank for this equally troubling and hilarious story being resurfaced today. All we have to say is don’t ever take fashion or beauty advice from the government.

For his part, Flynn at the time basically said he had nothing to do with the presentation.

“Neither the agency nor I condone this briefing and I only hope the intention to execute this task was pure of heart and intended to help,” he said in a briefing, “but even smart people do dumb things sometimes.”

So true.

Now let’s go back to focusing on the true white supremacists being elevated to government positions.

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