A $5 Million Waist Trainer Lawsuit Just Got Dropped

Well, good news for the Kardashians.

The $5 million class action lawsuit against their favorite brand of waist trainers, Waist Gang Society, has allegedly been dropped, and all the accusations that those products are worthless pieces of shit that don’t actually work will be dismissed.

The lawsuit was filed by one very dissatisfied customer named Sara Hawes, who claimed that even though Waist Gang Society, and their very famous celebrity spokespersons, claimed “that the Products actually burn fat and control the user’s weight,” that claim “is completely false and misleading. The products have absolutely no effect on fat loss of the user.”

To be honest, Sara Hawes is probably right, but according to an exclusive report posted on the Daily Mail, Waist Gang Society reached a settlement on Monday to dismiss the lawsuit and clear their good name once and for all.

Or, you know, at least until another angry customer with more cash comes forward.

Don’t worry though, whatever happens, we’re sure the Kardashians will always have their backs.


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Well, all the sisters except Kendall.

But let’s be real, the idea that Ken Ken needs a waist trainer for anything other than a show of solidarity with all of her sisters is completely ridiculous.

Some girls just get all the skinny bitch genes.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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