Goldie Hawn Just Joined Instagram and It’s Already Legendary

These three things are true about Goldie Hawn:

1. She’s a legend.

2. She’s a babe.

3. She’s a little nuts.

And yesterday, she joined Instagram to let the world in on her legendarily hot nuttery a little more.

Because unfortunately, it’s not like she can appear on “Oprah” to detail her experiments with ouija boards every damn day. She’s busy! So this is the next best thing.

Since joining Instagram yesterday, Goldie has posted two videos and garnered an incredibly respectable 76,000 followers.

She’s attracting these followers with her very own twisted brand of fitspo, shot in 15-second increments. The first video shows her bouncing on a trampoline while, like, C-SPAN plays in the background:


Have to clear my brain after watching all of this election frenzy 🙃

A video posted by Goldie Hawn (@officialgoldiehawn) on

SERIOUS gam goals, right? And the second video shows her literally chugging a pitcher of lawn water:

My happy hour cocktail 🍸#greenjuice

A video posted by Goldie Hawn (@officialgoldiehawn) on

If this isn’t all the inspiration you need to get to work on your summer body, I don’t know what to tell ya.

We are very excited to see what else Kate Hudson’s mom decides to post on Instagram. Hopefully a 15-second “First Wives Club” reunion is next on her list.

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