Gigi Is Proving Her Loyalty to T Swift By Making Her the Awkward Third Wheel

Recently, there’s been some talk about Gigi’s loyalty to Taylor Swift.

Sure, she’s a member of T Swift’s squad, but she’s also BFFs with Kendall — clearly, there’s a conflict of interest here.

While we’re predicting that there’s only so long Gigi can feasibly maintain this double lifestyle without Taylor or Kendall giving her an ultimatum, for now, she’s doing whatever she can to show both women that they’re VIP status.

So in a curious display of loyalty last night, Gigi invited Taylor to be her awkward third wheel on date night.

Somewhere off in the NYC distance, Kendall Jenner allowed a smile to spread across her face because everything about Taylor’s presence that night seemed a bit off.

September 12: #GigiHadid, #ZaynMalik and #TaylorSwift leaving Gigi’s apartment in New York City.

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Gigi and Zayn wore black. Taylor wore navy.

They looked like a cool, edgy NYC couple. She looked like she was on her way to a yacht club.

And to make matters worse, Gigi wasn’t even showing deference to her superstar bestie. She made Taylor walk out in front of her and Zayn, which seemed to send a clear, “hey, so me and my bf are the main attraction of the night, so that means you’re our opening act, kay?” kind of vibe.

September 12: #GigiHadid, #ZaynMalik and #TaylorSwift out in New York City.

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Sorry T Swift, but if this is a sign of what’s to come, it looks like your squad’s about to get one supermodel smaller.

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