Gigi Hadid Walked Around NYC With Curlers On, Cuz She DGAF Like That

There are a few things that Gigi Hadid doesn’t give a flying fuck about.

One of which is apparently walking around New York City with her hair rolled up in curlers.

Today, she was seen walking around SoHo wearing a Versace choker, black circle sunglasses, a custom Gigi “Hadidas” jacket, and a hair full of curlers, like a badass ‘50s housewife who doesn’t let a few errands get in the way of looking insanely hot by dinner time because she suspects her husband is having an affair with his secretary and wants to remind him how good he had it at home.

July 12: #GigiHadid out in New York City.

A photo posted by Hadid News (@hadidnews) on

While this was obviously less of a fashion choice and more of a logistical necessity, it certainly makes a case for being bold with your looks this summer.

Why be yet another girl in an off-the-shoulder crop top and denim cutoffs, when you can be the bitch rolling up to the club in curlers?

We guarantee you’ll win yourself instant chill points, and most importantly, you’ll look a whole lot more interesting than the girl who walks in looking like this.

July 12: #GigiHadid on set of her #TOMMYxGIGI photoshoot.

A photo posted by Hadid News (@hadidnews) on

So long as you own it, you can pull off almost EVERYTHING.

Or maybe you just have to be super hot and famous.

Either way, YOLO, right?

See you in the beauty isle, stocking up on summer’s hottest new accessory.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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