Gigi Hadid Saved Her Kissing Virginity for Age 15

Most people wantonly toss their first kiss away on an idiot in a puka shell necklace with spikey hair at a middle school dance.

But Gigi Hadid is not most people. Gigi Hadid is a friendly and adorable supermodel who also grew up in a mega-mansion.

So it makes sense, kind of, that she saved her kissing virginity until age 15 — in fact, she was the last one of her friends to kiss a boy.

“I wasn’t that young,” she told Dazed when asked about her first kiss. “I think I was, like, 15 or 16. Everyone was younger than me. I was one of the last ones.”

Dazed neglected to follow up on this question but the takeaway is this: Gigi Hadid is hella picky when it comes to who she kisses. Because why wouldn’t she be? Go Gigi go.

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