Gigi Hadid Just Made Out With Somebody You Used To Have A Crush On

While I think we can all agree that some aspects of the modeling profession are less than desirable (bikini shoots in winter, 5 AM call times, not being able to eat pizza for months), some aspects are blatantly awesome.

In a photo shoot from Vogue’s December issue, Gigi Hadid got a chance to do something everybody who grew up obsessing over the Harry Potter films only dreamt about: she got to lock lips with Bill Weasley AKA the ginger god himself, Domhnall Gleeson .  

Okay, so that was a #tbt dream for sure, but luckily for Gigi, he’s a whole lot more handsome than he was back in 2010.  

Sultry, right?  Like, I don’t know about you, but I’m actually having a hard time tearing myself away from this picture.  I blame it on the use of negative space, and the slim shiver of shadow that stops right before Domhnall’s regrettable choice of footwear.  It’s like Mario Testino knows how to take a photograph or something.  Weird.

While I can’t imagine that Gigi Hadid’s then-boyfriend Joe Jonas was as psyched as we were to stumble across these photographs this morning, at least he’ll always be able to cherish the fact that he kissed those lips for real, while Domhnall probably only got 7 minutes (or less) in heaven. 

All photos via Vogue, unless otherwise specified.  

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