Gigi Gorgeous and Her Heiress Girlfriend Have Broken Up

It’s official.

Gigi Gorgeous and her billionaire girlfriend Nats Getty — heir to a bottomless oil fortune — are dunzo.

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In a video uploaded to Gigi’s Youtube account titled “My Break Up,” Gigi confirmed, “we are not dating anymore,” with tears threatening to come out of her eyes and spoil her flawless makeup.

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“It’s been killing me to see pictures of us on Instagram and stuff like that,” Gigi continued. “Just seeing her and having you guys say, ‘Are you guys dating anymore, did you break up?’ Yes, we broke up.”

And damn are there a LOT of photos of them together on Instagram.

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Life Is Beautiful

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But don’t expect Gigi to spill the tea on why the two lovebirds called it quits anytime soon.

“I still really care about her and I don’t want anything bad said about her or our relationship,” Gigi told her fans, although she did offer up a hint when she said towards the end of the video, “It just sucks when you can’t make somebody happy.”

So far, Gigi’s breakup vlog has been viewed 1,249,373 times, which is still less than 

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Although Gigi and her ex kept a relatively low profile during their relationship, Gigi made headlines when she announced they were dating on her vlog — partly because she also came out as a lesbian at the same time.

Chin up, Gorgeous.

In the totally original words of the immortal breakup poet Kelly Clarkson, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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