Gigi’s BFF and Her BF Just Wrote a Love Song Together

Gigi Hadid’s bestie, Taylor Swift, and her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, just released a love song together.

And not just any kind of love song — it’s the kind filled with longing falsettos and sultry moaning that shoots to #1 on iTunes in one hour.

Every girl’s dream, right?

The song, called “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” will be featured on the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack, which means we’ll all probably be hearing it everywhere for the next six months.

Now just because an attractive man and a leggy woman sing a love song together doesn’t mean there’s anything deeper going on, and let’s be real, there’s nothing going on between T Swift and Zayn-o, but still, don’t tell me you wouldn’t be a little less than enthused about your BFF and BF singing lyrics like this to each other’s face:

“I don’t wanna live forever, ‘cause I know I’ll be living in vain / And I don’t wanna fit wherever / I just wanna keep calling your name until you come back home.”

Calling your name?

No thank you.

Like a good girlfriend/bestie, Gigi publicly told the world that she listened to it, but she’s not exactly shouting from the rooftops, “OMG listen to this song from my two favorite people.”

Then again, Gigi probably DGAF.

It’s just business and Zayn’s probably gonna buy her a new purse or one of those big, juicy burgers that she loves with that 50 Shades shmoney.

Girl’s got nothing to worry about.

[H/T Teen Vogue]

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