Gia Woods Celebrates Identity and Empowerment With Barrier-Breaking Music

Gia Woods, the Persian-American sapphic pop artist, recently revealed the music video for the lead single from her latest EP, “Your Engine.” The visually striking production features the notable presence of Euphoria star Chloe Cherry and resonantly delves into themes of sensuality and empowerment.

The video highlights Woods’s sultry personality and daring clothing choices while also being a celebration of her identity. “Growing up, when I was shy and still in the closet, I always covered my body and tried to blend in. It was hard for me to make friends and I think a lot of that had to do with how I was hiding so much of myself,”  Woods said. “I don’t want anyone else to feel the way I did growing up, so as an artist I want to be so loud and out there, and hopefully help make people more comfortable being themselves – whatever that means to them – they should own it and be it.”

In the music video for “Your Engine,” a production co-directed by Woods herself, she authentically champions her identity through sensual physicality and bold fashion choices. Euphoria star Chloe Cherry plays a significant role as a mannequin brought to life, symbolizing the connection between sexuality, desire, and feminine empowerment. Woods’ inspiration for the video derives from her personal journey, evolving from a shy individual in the closet to a confident artist unafraid to express herself.

Reflecting on her experiences, Woods articulates her desire to empower others to feel comfortable in their own skin. In Woods’s case, feeling secure in herself has meant becoming bold in her fashion choices, allowing her to truly love her own body. She goes on to emphasize the crucial importance of self-expression. 

The video creatively portrays dancers starting with masks, concealing their identities, and gradually unveiling themselves as a visual representation of the idea that no one should dictate who you can be. Woods says of the choreography, “No one should be able to tell you who you can be. Not your family, not your friends, not society… because ultimately being yourself is the most beautiful thing you can be.”  This reflects much of Woods’s own journey toward breaking barriers in the music industry.

The release of Woods’ EP “Your Engine” has set the tone for a significant chapter in her career. The project covers her Persian heritage, presenting seven synth-laden, sapphic bops that intricately explore complex emotions and the rollercoaster of desire, heartbreak, and uncertainty. Describing each person’s engine as their “life’s deepest motivations and desires,” Woods boldly shares her own through her expressive EP. Gay Times highlighted her unapologetic transition into a new era of artistic expression, while Billboard celebrated Woods’ determination to defy limitations.

As Gia Woods continues to break barriers in the music industry, her journey stands as an embodiment of resilience, self-discovery, and embracing the many vibrant colors of who you are. Through her music and visually captivating storytelling, Woods’s resounding message is clear as she beckons all to be loud, be out there, and be comfortable embracing their own identity.


Photographs: Angel Rivera

3D Guitar: Dillon Deskin (IG: @itslostboy) 

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